All About Total Control Balls

Total control balls are designed to help develop strength and drive within the hitting zone. They are considered one of the best training aids on the market, but are widely under-utilized. Softball and baseball players alike must develop a consistent approach toward hitting and coaches need a more efficient method for training their players to improve their strength and extension.

Why Traditional Batting Practice Does Not Work Anymore

Traditional batting practice can be wasteful and requires players to run back and forth catching balls while one player takes batting practice. While it is a common method for training, not all teams have the resources to focus on outfield, infield and hitting at the same time; nor can they afford to waste hours simply on hitting alone.

Some coaches rely on their players hitting short toss into a net. Unfortunately, this does not allow the players to truly assess their swing or the power behind it.

How Total Control Balls Correct Swings and Improve Hitting

Total control balls can be purchased in a variety of sizes and weights depending on the player’s need. Their weighted design requires the player, no matter how experienced, to put extra force behind their hit.

Doing so offers:

• Improved Strength and Performance – When a player is forced to swing and feel the impact of that swing, they will immediately learn the importance of driving through the ball.

• Real Feedback – Unlike hitting into a net, these control balls give players true feedback and allow them to see how the ball would travel if it was a real baseball or softball being thrown to them.

• Limited Space Needed – If your players are practicing in a smaller field or even their backyards, they do not need the same field length as they would with traditional batting practice.

• Durable – While they are used for batting practice, they are extremely durable. They are also safe for all bat types, so you do not have to worry about damaging delicate wooden bats or an aluminum bat damaging the ball itself.

Some more benefits of total control balls are that one doesn’t need any pitcher on the mound, players in the field or even a machine to conduct batting practice.

Whether you are training players in softball or baseball, how you structure batting practice will make a difference on the field at your next game. Instead of wasting time with traditional balls, look into a total control ball and see how much more efficient your batting practices can become.