Guide to Choose a Snorkeling Mask for a Beginner

The mask is a very important item of snorkel gear. It is the item that allows you to see the amazing world that lies underneath the surface.

Snorkel masks are used to protect the eyes from the water or any object that can harm you when diving. Since it is a vital item, it is important that you choose the best snorkel mask. The best kind of mask will be one that you fits right, feels right, doesn’t let water in, and allows you to see the underwater world clearly.

Choosing Your Mask

1. Lenses

The most important aspect of any underwater mask is ability to see clearly. This means lens formation and measurement is the biggest decision you are going to make. You can get single, twin or multiple lens configuration. However, the lens shape, glass specification and special coating are all possible options. Single lens masks are more open because they do not have frames across the bridge of the nose. With single lens, it is impossible to replace prescription corrections.

Twin lens masks are compatible with replacement prescription lenses. They are easily fitted because you can remove part of the frame. Multiple lens masks have a window panel on each side of the mask to make the mask more comfortable and brighter.

2. Internal volume

The internal volume of the mask is very important. The volume is the confirmed airspace that is created when the mask is sealed against the face. The internal volume is subject to compression when a diver dives into the water. Most people prefer a lower volume mask because it is the most comfortable.

3. Mask angle

Most people do not notice that mask angle is very important. A lot of snorkel masks do not run at the same angle as the face and are always scraped in at the bottom. This is beneficial because it helps to reduce the internal mask volume and also to improve the lower field view. When the mask angle is raked, the frame is moved back towards the cheek bones. This makes looking downwards easier and also helps the snorkel to see below without lifting his or her head.

4. Other features to look out for

Since there are different masks to choose from, it will be down to personal preference, and a bit of trial and error before you can find the best that has everything that you want. If you must wear contact lenses or spectacles, you need to get snorkel masks that will match your prescription.