How To Choosing Your Favorite Team

When I was first growing up I always had a problem from choosing which team I actually like. My mom’s family are huge Chicago fans no matter what sport it was. The problem with that was there were two teams in Chicago! On the other hand, my dad’s family were huge Cardinals fans. No matter where I was as a kid I was always second guessing myself on which team I would cheer for. As a kid you are supposed to listen to what your elders say, the only problem was I was getting two different things told to me and it was driving me insane. I decided that I wanted to see for myself which place I felt was “home” for me. There we a couple of things that I took into account when deciding, and they were: the atmosphere of the stadium, the fans surrounding me, and the things that they did for kids.

When you are a kid and your mom or dad tell you that you are going to be going to a professional sporting event, your heart feels like it is going to explode. I was six years old going to watch my idols play a sport that I dreamed to be playing when I was their age; there is nothing like it. The first game that I ever went to was when the Chicago Cubs played the Pittsburgh Pirates. Wrigley stadium was so cool! The ivy that was growing on the wall gave it the old school feel. It was a feeling that is hard to describe in words. I really liked the stadium, and that is when the Cubs had Sammy Sosa. It was really fun, except the people that I was surrounded by really made me feel uncomfortable. The fans around use were only saying negative things about the Cubs and how bad they were, and the worst part about it was that they were Cubs fans! The park was really dirty with garbage thrown on the ground. It made the atmosphere of the game so much worse, and I just wanted to leave the game because it was no fun. Plus, at the time that I went they really did not have anything fun for kids to do before or after the game. Players did not come talk to anyone, maybe I just went to the wrong game but I was not feeling like it was home.

The next game that I went to see was the Chicago White Sox! My grandpa took me this time because that was his favorite team. We go in there U.S Cellular Field was hands down better than Wrigley Field. One of the things that was better about it was that there was hardly any trash on the ground. They took really good care of the stands where people were sitting.